Project Case Study.

18A Taurus Place Bromley, Christchurch

Units 1 – 9 Avg. Size 200M2
Commercial Building
Structural Strengthening and Earthquake damage repair
Architect / Engineer

The Challenges.

Fitz Consulting was asked by the Body Corporate secretary to assist with strengthening and repairing all of the units to 67%. The previous company engaged by Body Corporate had the repair and strengthening out of budget and extremely disrupting to the owners and tenants. The timeline was very short to present a solution to the owners that met all of the criteria they required, as well as quantifying our findings.

The challenges we faced were:

The heavily damaged end units and non - consented mezzanines in certain units. The two end units were identified by the previous construction company as being too damaged to repair and would need to be raised and rebuilt. 

The budget was set by the total capped amount of insurance funds available. This was due to the complex being underinsured. 

The units were all tenanted except for one and the challenge of keeping all the businesses open during the work period was not easy. 

Meeting the current compliance regulations of Fire systems and separations were also required as part of the repair. 

The Solution.

Our engineers came to the rescue with a brilliant way to keep from demolishing the two end units by installing internal steel portals. The portal then made the concrete panels non-structural and they became cladding. This required many concrete foundations that were placed at the base of each portal leg and substantial roof bracing was required in multiple units as well. 

To avoid demolishing all of the non-consented mezzanines we obtained Certificates of acceptance and upgraded the existing mezzanines with Fire linings, additional structural elements, and compliant handrails. 

We hired multiple 20’ containers which were shuffled around the complex for tenants to store unit items while they were moved to the unoccupied unit to continue working while we fixed their unit(s). 

Roofs were fixed with new Butynol guttering and Reidbar cross bracing to strengthen them. 

The Conclusion.

Fitz Consulting with the help of KOBE Construction successfully completed the work set out by SMC Design and obtained Code of Compliance once work was completed. We completed the work on time and on budget. We continue to assist Body Corporates with the Strengthening of their client's buildings to this day.