Our Building Process.

Our building process is complex yet simple for our clients.
We do all the heavy lifting while you sit back and watch your project come to fruition.

Step 1.
Initial consultation

Meet onsite typically and discuss existing plans or brainstorm to create new plans. Typically, our projects require engineering and Architectural designs.

Step 2.
Engineer & Draftsman

Meet with our Engineer and Draftsman to discuss expectations and offer suggestions to maximize the concept and streamline the project to make the most efficient plans possible for consent submission.

Step 3.
Project Quotation

From the approved plans, prior to Consent submission. We provide detailed pricing for our clients and rarely exceed the initial quoted price. We have a Quantity Surveyor who works with us and outsource to another reputable firm for larger projects if needed. A tentative timeline schedule is submitted as well.

Step 4.
Acceptance & Contract

Once our quotation is accepted we enter into a legal contract to protect both parties. A final in-person meeting and handshake are always required by Fitz Consulting, even if we have to get on a plane to do it!

Step 5.
Consent Submission

We act as agents on behalf of our clients to eliminate the headache of dealing with local Councils.

Step 6.

From the beginning, a safe work site is established. We work with Hazardco for our Health & Safety procedures and protocols. We liaise with tenants and owners and act as the middle man very successfully. We provide weekly updates to our clients and notify them of any Variations prior to additional work taking place.

Step 7.
Code of Compliance

Upon the Final Inspection being passed by the local council body. We will apply and receive Code of Compliance to finalize all projects. This will include all applicable Producers statements, Engineering reports, and other supporting documentation that may be required by the council.

Step 8.
Move-in / Client For life

Once the project is complete and we have done the usual “Snag List” of misc. items, we expect to be called back for a few more; minor, fine-tuning items that can only be addressed after the clients have moved back into their home or the commercial tenants find upon re-tenanting.

Our Proven Benefits.

Throughout our building process we offer all of the following proven benefits that allow us to successfully complete every project we have completed over the past 10 years:

Plans are drawn and approved by the client(s) prior to consent submission.

When working on a multi-tenanted commercial project we offer logistical solutions to minimize disruptions and rarely have any tenant down longer than a few days while work is undertaken.

For our Commercial Projects - We address all: Structural, Compliance, and Fire requirements prior to Consent submission.

For all of our residential projects – The attention to detail and knowing the council requirements allow us to make sure the RFI’s (Request For Information) are kept to a minimum so the consent can be granted in a realistic timeframe.

We notify Work Safe if any “notifiable” activities will be taking place. Security fencing, Scaffolding, and contained access are always a must on any of our work sites.

We only hire Registered and licensed LBP’s and tradespeople.

Every single company that we use has been in the Fitz Consulting Family for a minimum of 5 years and they are trusted implicitly by us. 

After the snag list is done we always have a client for life and most of our clients remain our friends to this day.


Service is what separates us from other building companies in the same space.

We pride ourselves on our service and communication skills. We always answer the phone calls and emails our clients require when a project is underway. It doesn’t matter what time of day or what day of the week we get a call-we always make time for our clients.

We spend an enormous amount of time before a project begins on our due diligence for what will be required to ensure everything is accounted for. The due diligence period is “free” to our clients but critical for ensuring a project goes smoothly from the start.