Unsure where to start with
Strengthening and making your
building NBS compliant?

Achieve the minimum National Building Standard (NBS) of 37%

Co-ordination of Code Compliant Construction & Fire Upgrades

Assessment of Building Values with Realistic Budget Targets for Seismic and Structural Upgrades

Co-ordinating access to “carefully” selected, building related trades and tradespeople

Consent & Code Compliance

Ensure Consent & Code Compliance are achieved.

Increase Rental Returns

Stand out in a competitive market

Increase saleability

Achieve NBS of 67% to appeal to the maximum number of Purchasers.

Why Fitz Consulting?

  • Fitz Consulting is your advocate from start to finish.
  • Fitz Consulting works with the most appropriate property professionals to complete your project.
  • Investigation of reports and working through these to commit to the best strategy is what we do best.

Alexanders Digital Marketing - Jazz Lounge - additional strengthening

Alexanders Digital Marketing - Reception Desk

“Paul was project managing the strengthening of commercial premises of which I was a tenant preparing to move in. Paul was great at keeping me in the loop, keeping things moving, ensuring my painters were compliant, and accommodating additional requests. His team of builders, engineers and plumbers are solid and dependable. He ensured compliance at all times, arranged appropriate sign off, and helped resolve any issues while being personable and professional.”


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