Why choose Fitz Consulting?

Immediately after the earthquakes, Christchurch Property owners were simply left to their own devices to both lodge and settle their building insurance claims. With pressure on resources such as Structural and Geo-technical Engineers and Quantity Surveyors, most property owners were frustrated and sometimes felt incapable of resolving the issue.

“Fitz Consulting was created to assist in simplifying these property problems and to fill the gap of knowledge and the shortfall of capability created by the extreme delays of all professionals involved.”


Our Method

With a past history in natural disasters, Christchurch Project Manager Paul Fitzsimmons believed with his common sense approach and practical solutions, he was able to offer the best contribution he could provide to the Christchurch disaster. Fitz Consulting brought about a realistic assessment of damage, a realistic strategy for repairs and a realistic solution to the property problems of its Clients.


Company Ethos/Values

The practical solution to complete any claim is often secondary in the dialogue between Insurer and Insured, Fitz Consulting aims to have a win / win resolution that allows both parties to finalise the claim and enjoy the satisfaction of a complete and satisfactory conclusion that maintains or enhances the property value for the client. Fitz Consulting Prides itself on being able to provide: Affordability, Meeting Project Deadlines and Staying within the Agreed Budgets has been a benchmark of Fitz Consulting’s performance to date.

Paul Fitzsimmons, Managing Director

Key Staff

Managing Director, Paul Fitzsimmons, has been in the construction industry for the past 15 years both in America and New Zealand. He has assisted many insured claimants through Hurricanes Ivan and Katrina prior to relocating his Family to Christchurch two weeks prior to the 2010 Earthquakes. Since arriving in Christchurch, Paul has assisted dozens of Clients with Insurance settlements, rebuilds, repairs and upgrades to various type of Buildings, throughout Christchurch and the surrounding areas.

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